Private Shopping

Private Shopping Parties 2-hour private shopping parties to clients and four of their friends – up to five people. The event can be either after hours or during a slow period, depending what the client wants. T&W can provide snacks and beverages (in consultation with the client) as well as provide a discount to participants during the party.

The party begins with the designers providing an overview of the latest collection – style, trends, how to incorporate it into a wardrobe, what to wear with it, etc. After the introduction to the collection, the clients are free to shop.

There are three packages for your client to choose from:

  • No Frills $100 for no Frills
  • Frills $175 for 15% discount on T&W items with Charcuterie and Wine
  • Super Frills $250 for 20% discount on T&W items with Charcuterie, Bubbles and dessert