Custom Orders

Custom your garments. Don’t compromise on fit, fabric, or colour. Based on Twiss & Weber recommendation, buy off the rack, choose a fabric, or alter ~ in situ.

Knowing that not every women can buy off the rack, therefore T&W offers a selection of styles and variety of fabrics for customers to choose from, to order, and that fit.

Customers do not have to compromise on fit, fabric or colour. They may buy off the rack or choose which fabric they would prefer, or adjustment they need – based on Twiss & Weber recommendation.

Twiss & Weber promises the customer will receive their specially ordered item in a two week time frame.

Provided that fabric is in stock and on the premises, the custom order may proceed.


  • On all custom orders, there is a mandatory cutting fee of $10
    • That fee is the cost to halt production, review the order, pull the fabric, and cut the order specifically for that one individual customer and garment
  • For every adjustment to a pattern, there is a $10 charge.
    • For example, to increase the length of a skirt costs an additional $10
    • To make a size medium pant with a large waist costs an additional $10
    • If we are making a size medium pant with a size large waist and adding two inches to the length, it would cost an additional $30 on the purchase price (cutting fee + length increase + waist increase)

Custom Orders are paid in full in advance

Twiss & Weber will contact the customer within two-weeks time unless specified by Twiss & Weber within a one-week grace period.

Cancellations of Custom Order

Should the customer decide against the order, should the decision to cancel is made within the one week after the purchase:

  • the customer may cancel the order
  • exchange the value for another item
  • and/or receive a credit note for the deposit
  • there are no expiry dates on credit notes.

Twiss & Weber does not issue refunds.