Sewing Herstory

Young Mother Sewing – Mary Cassatt, 1844-1926

Occasions happen in our lives. Most lovely, some difficult, but all worth it. Twiss & Weber is privileged to be a part of those experiences. Especially when asked by customers to help them in their special time. When we are asked to sew for them, for whatever occasion. The most difficult of these occasions is when death is involved. Death, a necessary and difficult part of our culture to admit and process.

The Silken Gown – Robert Hope, 1869-1936

A dress for a first date needs a few adjustments.

Curtains are chosen to create darkness and undisturbed sleep for a new mother and child.

Cozy fabrics are selected to make a baby quilt which becomes a favourite and heirloom.

To celebrate the life of a long relationship, we make a new widow a funeral dress.

A new mother is returning to work and needs help clothing her new body.

A child dies and we are asked to make her funeral dress from the wedding gown originally made by hand.

Bei der Anprobe – Viktor Schramm, 1865-1929
When we are sewing for someone, we have that person in our minds at all times. We think of the times we laughed together. The times we cried together. The times we will have together. Each stitch is a positive thought. Each stitch is a prayer. To work with your hands is meditative.
La couturière – Camille Liausu, 1894-1975
Today is the Day of The Dead, we celebrate the dead while we celebrate life. As a part of our life cycle we celebrate our part of celebrating the joys and tears of those who are no longer with us through the art of sewing.