A Happening, An Artist, A Boutique

1282-C Wellington West
Thursday, May 4th

As a part of The Happening, Twiss & Weber presents a detail of Hintonburg artist Nathalie Grice‘s show “La Forêt des Folies”. Life-size creations of native animals, embellished with urban details, illustrate the artist’s view on the built environment: how humans encroach on animals’ natural environment, how they adapt, and in turn, how humans are adapting to living in cities

Artist Nathalie Grice in her natural environment

Twiss & Weber welcome you to meet Ms. Grice and view her delightfully haunting creations Thursday, May 4th from 6pm-9pm

In addition to experiencing Grice’s earthly artworks, you can help Nathalie with her dream of creating an Arctic narwhal by contributing to her GoFundIt here