Sewing the Threads of Herstory

Occasions happen in our lives. Many good and some bad. Tonia and I are privileged to be a part of those experiences. Especially when are asked by our friends and families to help them in their special time. When we are asked to sew for them.

A friend goes on a first date and needs a few adjustments to a dress.

A friend gets married and ask us to make their wedding gown.

A brother moves into a new home with his young family and needs curtains hemmed.

A baby is born and we whip up a cozy blanket. A blanket which becomes a favourite.

A friend is returning to work from maternity leave and she needs help with clothing her new body.

A husband dies and we are asked to make the new widow a funeral dress.

A child dies and we are asked to make her funeral dress from the wedding gown originally made by hand.

When we are sewing for someone, we have that person in our minds at all times. We think of the times we laughed together. The times we cried together. The times we will have together. Each stitch is a positive thought. Each stitch is a prayer. Sewing can be meditative.

Sewing uses a part of the brain which allows one to create while still being able to think of other things. Sewing provides a good opportunity to work problems out while still making something.  We can still cut, sew, pin, press, tuck, and make while we think. I’ve heard it said that it isn’t good to multi-task. And, we agree, for most of the time. But, thinking is something we can do all the time its just what we do with what we’ve been thinking about which is important.